Monday, May 1, 2017

Long weekend

Despite being tired from the 10 hour bus ride from Bavaria to Werder the day before, I managed to wake up early to get to Berlin for laser tag with my host sister and four other exchange kids and their hosts. At laser tag,
we played four games: one was individual, two were Lynfield vs Ernst Haeckel and one with groups of 4. The match between Lynfield vs Ernst Haeckel was tied! 

Later, our host sisters took us to the Film Park. Our most favourite ride was the 4D cinema with other smaller rides and games! 

On Sunday, We went to a place called Climb Up which is also knows as the climbing world in German. We had to do obstacle courses which is in between tress hanging from a height. There were a lot of zip lines which were really fun to do. Some of the courses were really hard and some were easy. Close to the adventure park there was a food market and most of the food sold were mainly asparagus dishes as it the time of harvest of asparagus in Germany. 

Monday the 1st of May, was labour day in Germany. We (Me, Amy, Iain,
Shirley and Amy's dad) went to a theme park in Leipzig called Belantis. Belantis was really big and it was a lot of fun. We went on a roller coaster that was almost vertical, the ride looked really scary but all of us enjoyed it after it finished (we went on it about 3 times during the day). The Pyramid which was a water slide was really cool and all of us got wet by the end of it! 

All in all the weekend was really nice and productive and the weather was also good to us! (by Manasi)

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