First weekend in Deutschland

On Saturday, my host Family, Katherine and her host family and I went to the Berlin Dungeon. It's a place in the City of Berlin where people go into to learn about Germany's dark past. It is kind of like a haunted house but it's much more scarier (but I was only a little bit scared). I had a great time in there because it was full of screams and Laughter. After that, we went to Primark  (The best and cheapest place to shop at).

On Sunday, My host family and I went to the Tulip Festival in Potsdam and we saw a lot of beautifully coloured tulips. There were a lot of people there. I tried Netherland mini pancakes with butter and Icing Sugar. That was so yummy! We also saw marching ducks/swans, which was quite an interesting sight. (by Taina)


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