Today we passed through the Alps and into Salzburg, Austria marking the only time we cross an international border by bus during our trip. 

We began our tour with a guided walk through the significant locations in Salzburg including the Mirabell garden and Salzburg cathedral which was largely destroyed due to Allied bombers during the Second World War but has since been restored.

We also had a general tour of the market and shopping areas that wove between the buildings and streets of Salzburg. We enjoyed an hour of free time here and picked up a few souvenirs as well as a snack.

After this we travelled up into Salzburg Fortress, a large stone walled structure that overlooks the entire Salzburg valley from a central vantage point. We had a guided tour through the various decorative rooms and chambers and learned about the royal history of Salzburg. The highest tower of the fort gave us a 360° view from the Alps to the city and back to the Alps again.

We finished the day back at the hostel playing ball games and table tennis before going to bed to get up bright and early for the next day. (by Iain)


  1. Seems to be a wonderful time:-) I'd love to stay with you in Bavaria. But unfortunately, there is plenry of work for me to do here;-)btw: I can't see Frau Zimmer. Where is she???? Enjoy it:-) Mrs. Heinicke


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