Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Königssee and Berchtesgaden

It is the 26th of April and our group visited one of the famous tourist sights of Bavaria including the picturesque Königssee and Berchtesgaden finishing with a relaxing day at the Restaurant Hochlenzer Hofbräuhaus. 

Our day trip began with the stunning views of the picturesque Königssee and we were overwhelmed by the clearness and beauty of the cleanest lake in Germany. As we were approached by our wonderful guide, we rode a boat in silence admiring and endulging the full beauty of the 8 kilometre lake, ranging up to a depth of 198 metres. For many of us this was a wonderful and relaxing experience. The scenery was spectacular and revealed the great effort in the preservation of the park such as the Königsbachfall and the Röthbachfall (Germany's highest waterfall). We were also able to view one of the famous sights, the St Bartholomä church located in the St Bartholomä peninsula. Unfortunately we couldn't see the top of the highest peak in the region, the Watzmann Ostwand at 2000 metres behind the chapel due to the fog but it was still a most breathtaking experience and a highlight of our trip. Alongside the lake, another highlight was the mesmerising sound of the infamous echo of the Königsee.
The captain of the boat played us a tune from the Flügelhorn or trumpet which echoed against the Watzmann cliffside. It was amazing and really cool. Once the ferry ride was over we headed towards Berchtesgaden, a small town with an interesting history, located between Bayern and Salzburg known for its salt production with the oldest salt mine going into the valley. Finally, after an exhausting day of walking and admiring the sights of the small and peaceful town, we finished our day at the Hochlenzer restaurant where we tasted delicious and generous servings of German foods such as Schnitzel, Bratwurst, Sauerkraut and Knödeln. The food was plentiful and we were well fed afterwards but it was a great end to an amazing day and an enjoyable experience. (by Michelle)

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  1. Roasted pork with Semmelknödeln, red cabbage and gravy. Yummy
    Did you hear the echo as well when they played the trumpet?
    And these drawings around the windows. So typical and picturesque.


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